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Cultural relevance and biblical fidelity are not mutually exclusive.

Youth ministry is about creating a dynamic balance. It’s about sharing the Truth while holding space for conversations on topics that don’t always seem conducive to spiritual edification. It’s about listening better and arming yourself with a curriculum that empowers you to adapt content to your context and navigate the hyper-skepticism native to Gen Z’s world view.

Our 2024 Complete Curriculum Offering

  • The Reframe Membership - Reframeyouth


    4 Weeks on Identity

  • The Reframe Membership - Reframeyouth


    4 Weeks on Relationships 

  • The Reframe Membership - Reframeyouth

    The Crew

    4 Weeks on Community

  • The Reframe Membership - Monthly - Reframeyouth


    4 Weeks on Easter

  • The Reframe Membership - Reframeyouth


    5 Weeks on Mental Health

  • The Reframe Membership - Reframeyouth


    4 Weeks on Spiritual Formation

  • The Reframe Membership - Reframeyouth


    4 Weeks on Biblical Wisdom

  • The Reframe Membership - Reframeyouth

    Say Less

    4 Weeks on Evangelism

  • The Reframe Membership - Reframeyouth

    RLTK 2024

    4 Weeks on Cultural Issues

  • The Reframe Membership - Reframeyouth


    4 Weeks on Purpose

  • The Reframe Membership - Reframeyouth

    1 Peter

    5 Weeks on 1st Peter

  • The Reframe Membership - Reframeyouth


    4 Weeks on Jesus

The Reframe Success Path

Everything we've learned having hundreds of conversations with thousands of youth has been condensed into five 3-5 minute videos to aid you in connecting with the youth God has made you responsible for. Exclusive to the Reframe membership!

Uncommon Content for an Uncommon Generation

Our Values

  • Biblically Faithful & Culturally Relevant

    Our curriculum marries Biblical truths with modern contexts, helping your students realize the bible speaks into their life right now.

  • Emotionally Engaging & Community Building

    Students need vulnerability and compassion modeled that sparks deep meaningful conversation. This is where connections are made with God and one another.

  • Practically Useful & Faith Forming

    Students need not just to hear about faith, they need to practice it. Weekly, practical real-life applications bring depth and nurture robust faith roots.

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What Youth Leaders Are Saying

How It Works

  • Say no to the status quo.

    (You’re here to achieve something extraordinary. So common won’t cut it. It’s true what they say: “What we don’t need is more regular.”)

  • Choose your product.

    (It’s not just what you say but also how you say it. Give sermons youth actually care about. Be relatable. Be relevant. Be real.)

  • Consume. Communicate. Connect.

    (You’ve got our tools. So get ready to level up. Join a movement of youth pastors on the front lines of change. Help make YMs the most exciting– and transformative – place to be.)

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Let's not wait for the future to unfold. Let's shape it today.

Together, we can make the church a place where youth fully embrace and embody the gospel, carrying it into the world.

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Series Giveaway - TGMH

Mental health is a growing issue in our culture. Anxiety and depression are now commonplace. Students are struggling, but mental health is not something that should drown their lives in hopelessness. The Gospel has something to say about what they are going through.

TGMH is a 4-week series designed to help students understand that Scripture speaks to mental health challenges with both encouragement and empowerment.

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