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Topic: Relationships

Recommended use: February

Relationships are confusing.

Students want to be with someone they can trust, but not everyone has the same intentions.

They're unsure what will make them happy in relationships; they need help finding clarity.

Culture would tell them to experiment and fulfill every curiosity. We know this only ends in heartbreak, identity confusion, and regret.

Students need you to bring them the wisdom of the scriptures, and we are here to help.

Cuffed is a 4-week series designed to create space for hard conversations about relationships,  using the wisdom of the scriptures and the lived experiences of youth pastors and volunteers.

What you'll get:

  • Week 1 – Am I ready?
  • Week 2 – Dating / Situationships 
  • Week 3 – Sex
  • Week 4 – Marriage
  • Small group guides to accompany each teaching guide
  • A short podcast explaining our approach to the series
  • Promotional materials
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