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Topic: Jesus

Recommended use: Fall or Spring 

Students today are struggling to find their identity. They’re bombarded with messages from the world that tell them who they should be. These messages can lead students down a path that is challenging to come back from. Without a strong sense of identity, students can easily get lost in the world, lose their way, and live aimlessly— forfeiting their purpose or, worse, never realizing they had one.

I AM is a 4-week series that helps students discover who Jesus is and who they are in Him.

What you'll get:

  • Week 1 – The Bread of Life
  • Week 2 – The Light of the World
  • Week 3 – The Good Shepherd
  • Week 4 – The Resurrection & The Life 
  • Small group guides to accompany each teaching guide
  • A short podcast explaining our approach to the series
  • Promotional materials
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