We believe the role of youth leader is the most challenging in the church today.

Youth leaders: How can I please everyone AND be effective? Everyone else: Figure it out.

Too many youth leaders feel stuck and beholden to variables they can’t control — parents’ pushback, senior pastors’ opinions, expectations for attendance, budget constraints, and office duties.

But alas, we really are preaching to the choir. You know the deal. The reason you became a youth leader wasn’t to be a glorified administrator. What you want (what you really, really want) is to reach youth with the Gospel. Finding a curriculum that works shouldn’t be another headache to deal with.

Bottom Line: Youth culture is evolving and we believe youth leaders should have access to a curriculum that does, too.

Cultural relevance and biblical fidelity are not mutually exclusive.

Let’s be real: Youth ministry isn’t just about sharing the Gospel. It’s also about cultural relevance—without which, there’s no relatability.

Youth ministry is about creating a dynamic balance. It’s about sharing the Truth while holding space for conversations on topics that don’t always seem conducive to spiritual edification. It’s about listening better and arming yourself with a curriculum that empowers you to adapt content to your context and navigate the hyper-skepticism native to Gen Z’s world view.

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What Youth Leaders Are Saying About Reframe

How It Works

  • Say no to the status quo.

    (You’re here to achieve something extraordinary. So common won’t cut it. It’s true what they say: “What we don’t need is more regular.”)

  • Choose your product.

    (It’s not just what you say but also how you say it. Give sermons youth actually care about. Be relatable. Be relevant. Be real.)

  • Consume. Communicate. Connect.

    (You’ve got our tools. So get ready to level up. Join a movement of youth pastors on the front lines of change. Help make YMs the most exciting– and transformative – place to be.)

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