We believe the role of youth leader is the most challenging in ministry today

Too many youth pastors feel stuck and beholden to variables they can’t control—parents’ pushback, senior pastors’ opinions, expectations for attendance, budget constraints, and office duties. But alas, we really are preaching to the choir. You know the deal.

The reason you became a youth pastor wasn’t to be a glorified administrator. What you want (what you really, really want) is to reach youth with the Gospel. Finding a curriculum that works shouldn’t be another headache to deal with.

Bottom line: Youth culture is evolving and we believe youth pastors should have access to a curriculum that does, too.

Why Reframe?

  • Holistic & Integrated

    Reaching today’s youth requires us to care about “all the things.” From theology, psychology and philosophy to emotions, thinking and practicality. And beyond!

  • Conversational

    GenZers are ready to talk. The youth ministries who make the greatest impact cultivate an environment of transparency, engagement and feedback.

  • Gospel-Centered

    Transformation requires a Gospel that’s personal, relevant and compelling. Personal — in what it means for individuals. Relevant — in how it matters for today. Compelling — in the way it calls us to action.

  • Culturally Relevant

    If we’re talking about the Bible without showing kids how it relates to their life, then we’re missing the mark on relevance — and likely reinforcing their underwhelm toward Christianity with generic remixes of the same old messages.

Together, we can see urban youth fully embrace and embody the gospel as they lead in the world.

Your Time And Energy Is Valuable; The Curriculum You Use Should Value Them Too

How It Works

  • Say no to the status quo.

    (You’re here to achieve something extraordinary. So common won’t cut it. It’s true what they say: “What we don’t need is more regular.”)

  • Choose your product.

    (It’s not just what you say but also how you say it. Give sermons youth actually care about. Be relatable. Be relevant. Be real.)

  • Consume. Communicate. Connect.

    (You’ve got our tools. So get ready to level up. Join a movement of youth pastors on the front lines of change. Help make YMs the most exciting– and transformative – place to be.)

It's Time for a Change

Are you ready to transform your youth ministry?

We believe that with the right tools, you can engage Gen Z in a way that is both culturally relevant and biblically faithful. Imagine creating an environment where young people are excited to discuss their faith, navigate tough topics with confidence, and truly understand the relevance of the Gospel in their daily lives.

No more feeling stuck or overwhelmed.

With Reframe’s Youth Curriculum, you’ll be equipped with comprehensive, conversation-driven, gospel-centered resources designed to resonate with today's youths. Our curriculum adapts to your unique context, honors Gen Z's perspectives, and brings theological depth to every discussion.

Join us in this journey of transformation.

  • Cultivate meaningful relationships with your youth through authentic dialogue.
  • Empower your ministry with high-quality, relevant content.
  • Witness firsthand the impact of a Gospel that is personal, relevant, and compelling.

Because your ministry matters. And so does the way you connect with your youth.

Ready to see the change?

What Youth Leaders Are Saying About Reframe

The Impact of Culturally Relevant Youth Ministry

Why is it so important to be culturally relevant in our approach?

Because Gen Z craves authenticity and transparency, and they can sniff out anything that feels fake or disingenuous from a mile away. To engage today's youth, we must understand their culture, connect with them on their level, and speak to the issues they care about. This means addressing tough topics like mental health, sexuality, and relationships in a way that is both biblically sound and culturally relevant.

By being culturally relevant, we can:

  • Build trust with Gen Z
  • Create a safe space for authentic conversations
  • Show the relevance of the Gospel in today's world
  • Address important issues that young people are facing

With our curriculum at Reframe, you can confidently lead discussions on these challenging topics and help your youth develop a deeper understanding of Scripture.

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