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The Book of James

The Book of James

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Topic: The Book of James

Recommended use: Fall or Spring

Students love to keep it a buck. But, for many young people, talking openly about deep topics like life and faith isn’t an option. What’s missing? Trust. 

The Bible offers a lot of powerful truths. But if we don’t show students how scripture relates to their life, it’s hard for them to understand the message.

The book of James is a 5-week series perfect for today’s youth because it pulls no punches. This series is an ideal backdrop for holding tough conversations. It creates space for students to process scripture in community and with leaders they can trust.

What you'll get:

  • Teaching Guides that walk through the whole book
  • Small group guides to accompany each teaching guide
  • A short podcast explaining our approach to the series
  • Promotional materials
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