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Topic: Life's Pursuits 

Recommended use: Summer

Students are struggling to find meaning in a world that often seems senseless. We all know that a sense of purpose is key to life but almost impossible to find when everything around us seems so chaotic.

We believe scripture can come alongside students in ways we cannot. The author takes on the meaninglessness and futility — then points to Jesus as the answer.

Ecclesiastes is a 7-week series designed to lean into the meaninglessness that Gen Z is experiencing in life and point them to Jesus as the answer. 

What you'll get:

  • Week 1 - Wealth
  • Week 2 - Pleasure
  • Week 3 - Friendship
  • Week 4 - Wisdom
  • Week 5 - Time
  • Week 6 - Death
  • Week 7 - The Gift of God
  • Small group guides to accompany each teaching guide
  • A short podcast explaining our approach to the series
  • Promotional materials
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