The pre-packaged, buy-it-all-but-only-use-some, traditional curriculum model just wasn’t cutting it.

Being a youth worker requires creative energy, persistence, and faithfulness. We must manage the expectations of parents, volunteers, and students while trying to plan life-changing experiences in our ministries.

The last thing youth workers need to worry about is curriculum, but youth workers need options because we all operate in a unique context God has called us to.

Why Build Your Own Curriculum?

  • Flexibility

    Whether you need 1 or 2 series to fill gaps in your schedule, content to cover a semester, or curriculum for a calendar year or more, BYOC has you covered!

  • Focus

    All of our ministries are in different contexts. Choose series that focus in on the issues of the students God has entrusted to you!

  • Formation

    You know the ways your students need to be formed as disciples. Pick the series that best help you achieve this.

How It Works

  • Say no to the status quo.

    (You’re here to achieve something extraordinary. So common won’t cut it.)

  • Choose your Series.

    (Choose from almost 40 different topics to create your own custom bundle.)

  • Communicate & Connect.

    (You’ve got our tools. So get ready to level up. Join a movement of youth pastors on the front lines of change.)


Read the series descriptions, and add to the cart whichever series you believe will best serve your ministry. You order the usage of those series as you see fit, building your own curriculum.

4+ Series = 10% off / 8+ Series = 20% off

Our Values

  • Biblically Faithful & Culturally Relevant

    Our curriculum marries Biblical truths with modern contexts, helping your students realize the bible speaks into their life right now.

  • Emotionally Engaging & Community Building

    Students need vulnerability and compassion modeled that sparks deep meaningful conversation. This is where connections are made with God and one another.

  • Practically Useful & Faith Forming

    Students need not just to hear about faith, they need to practice it. Weekly, practical real-life applications bring depth and nurture robust faith roots.

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What Youth Leaders Are Saying

Let's not wait for the future to unfold. Let's shape it today.

Together, we can make the church a place where youth fully embrace and embody the gospel, carrying it into the world.