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Shame is different than guilt, and this should be clarified during this conversation. 

Shame tells us we a broken beyond repair, and nothing can be done about it. No matter what we do or how much we change, nothing will be enough.

Shame will make us believe that it isn't even possible for God to love us.

Our youth ministries can combat this by being an open, honest space where conversations like this can happen.

We don't want students hiding their issues. We want a culture of openness and love.

We want students to understand that God loves them right where they are, and if they can accept this love, it has the grace and power to help them grow and change. But this isn't something they have to work for. Jesus has done the work for them.

This is as important for the Christian to understand as the non-Christian.

We must be watchful as leaders and remember that Jesus loves us enough to become our shame.

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