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Attachment is the bond that a child forms with their parents in the first few years—this is where we learn to love and trust. If this bond is not formed properly or at all, it can dramatically impact a person’s life. At the core of attachment theory are these ideas of love and trust

  • Love – we get our sense of identity and worth from how our caretakers treat us
  • Trust – Knowing that those caring for us will consistently do the same things for us

Students in your youth group may have had love and trust violated during their lives. Our goal is to point to God as the one who we can love and trust. He can show us who we are (love) and what He does never changes (trust). This is founded on His love for us, not our behavior. Our faith in Jesus can help ground us in this life. Then we are ready to find loving and trustworthy relationships in the Christian community that we can rely on in life.

What you get:

  • Teaching Guide
  • Small Group Guide 
  • Graphics & Promo materials
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