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An Evolution in Youth Ministry Curriculum

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Youth culture has changed, youth ministry curriculum has not.

Conventional youth ministry curricula (YMC) remain largely uninformed by Gen Z culture. The status quo? A focus on behavior modification and a bias to play it safe.

If you currently subscribe to a YMC, you’ve likely felt this, too.

When “let’s make the hard conversations easy” remains a fundamental belief of widely used curricula, youth ministries run the risk of becoming monolithic and culturally irrelevant.

It’s no wonder youth ministries have inherited a generation more influenced by post-Christian ideologies than biblical truth.




Well, we all know the definition of insanity, right?

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“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” - James Baldwin

Where Do We Begin With Gen Z? 

The most racially diverse? The most educated generation yet? The most social media savvy and socially conscious of all?

These standout traits, and many more, define the generation of youth attending youth ministries around the globe. Just to be c-r-y-s-t-a-l clear: Your youth are GenZers. And they’re proud of it.

But how does this relate to engaging young people about tough topics?

Especially through a biblical worldview. We’re talking about mental health, sexuality, dating and relationships and that’s just to name a few.

We’ll answer that question with a question. How are we to love them well without a genuine knowledge of their characteristics, wants and needs?

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Consider These Three Truths About Today's Youth.

Digital Natives

GenZers, sometimes referred to as the iGeneration, don’t know a world without the iPhone. More important, they don’t know a world without unlimited access to information. 98% of GenZers own a smartphone . Nothing is off the table and no topic is off limits. If we don’t talk about “it,” they’ll find someone who will.

Positive Pessimists

Three in four GenZers (73%) agree that their perspective on life tends to be positive, but more than half say they tend to expect the worst to happen (56%) . They see things on a continuum. Nothing’s binary to them. Why does that matter? If Christianity is seen as “a” worldview (to consider among many), we must do the hard work to highlight the significance of Jesus.

Quality Is King

Yes! The quality of our content really matters! Think about this: The top driver of brand loyalty for 52.89% of GenZers is product quality. So guess what? GenZers are accustomed to quality content and they expect it from us, too. 

Here's What An Evolution in YMC Looks Like...

Holistic & Integrated

Reaching today’s youth requires us to care about “all the things.” From theology, psychology and philosophy to emotions, thinking and practicality. And beyond!


GenZers are ready to talk. The youth ministries who make the greatest impact cultivate an environment of transparency, engagement and feedback.


Transformation requires a Gospel that’s personal, relevant and compelling. Personal — in what it means for individuals. Relevant — in how it matters for today. Compelling — in the way it calls us to action.

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Youth culture is evolving and we believe youth pastors should have access to a curriculum that does, too.

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